Stucco Services

If you need a reliable stucco contractor, look no further than Exterior Concepts. We specialize in repairing and applying synthetic stucco systems and all types of stucco. Whether you have cracks and blisters, fading colors, or peeling stucco, we have the equipment and experience to repair and replace everything you need.

Dress your home in beauty and strength
Not only is stucco beautiful and impressive, but it is also one of the most durable and best choices for your home. Stucco is great in all temperatures, climates, and is water resistant.

Bring back your home’s beauty
You can revive your original stucco to look brand new again. Our stucco experts are journeyman plasterers and can match all finishes historic or new. Have your stucco textured, refinished, patched, and repaired so your home looks the way it did years ago when it was first applied.

We provide multiple wall covering systems:

  • Conventional stuccos
  • Exterior insulation finishing systems
  • Hybrid stucco systems – synthetic stuccos or synthetic finish coats
  • Color matching and any color you currently have
  • Textures and high quality finishes – Spanish lace, trowel shaped, floral, heavy or light sand, and faux finishes

Quality repairs at affordable prices:

  • Cracks and blisters
  • Peeling exteriors
  • Fading colors
  • Synthetic system failures
  • Deep structural damages
  • Reviving and resurfacing
  • Waterproofing
  • Custom stucco homes